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Lionfish Hunting Expedition!

Learn to hunt lionfish in Pensacola, Florida with Ocean Strike Team!  Known as the best place to hunt lionfish in Florida, Pensacola is often called the “Lionfish Capital of the World”. No prior experience needed! Find Out More

Belize Blackbird Caye Resort

  Surrounded by pristine waters, healthy reefs, and flourishing wildlife, Blackbird Caye is more than a Caribbean island. Only four atolls exist in the Western hemisphere, Blackbird happens to be located on one of them. The dive service, exquisite cuisine and hospitality are spectacular! explore Find Out More

Beqa Lagoon Resort Fiji

A journey to Beqa will transport you from life's hustle and bustle to the lovely, secluded Beqa Island. Come enjoy some world-class diving, delicious cuisine, relaxing spa treatments, and the friendly warm smiles of the Fijian staff.  Find Out More