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There is no better dive shop to get your dive gear serviced than at American Scuba Academy.

All service performed according to the factory regulator service specifications. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If any service from us does not meet your expectations, we will readjust or service the item again at no charge within 60 days from the date of service.

For our Dive Club members we provide you with any gear rental FREE while you wait for any back-ordered or serviced item.


Services Offered:

  • Complete disassembly, cleaning, and careful inspection of all parts for damage/corrosion/wear.
  • Replacement of parts as appropriate, and always replace all soft parts and seats.
  • Assembly, test, and tune to factory specifications.
  • Check the submersible pressure gauge for accuracy across a range of pressures.
  • Inspect the high-pressure swivel, and replace o-rings. Inspect all hoses.
  • Dual inspection including a water leak test.
  • We use a state of the art Air Flow Bench.
  • We use only genuine factory-supplied parts and service kits.
  • Install oxygen-compatible lubricants during all maintenance.
  • 60 Day Warranty


Service Costs:

1st Stage $55.00
2nd Stage $55.00
Octopus 2nd stage $55.00

Octo / Inflator Combo (Gemini)

Atomic SS1



Spare Air $90.00
Cylinder Hydro Only (Special permit DOT extra) $45.00
Cylinder Valve Rebuild $20.00
Computer Battery Change (varies by model) $15-$25
Visual Inspection - required annually (includes airfill) $20.00
Hydro, Valve and Visual inspection service (includes airfill) $70.00
Cylinder cleaning or tumble $15.00
Parts for regulators varies
Burst disc replacement $14.00
Standard BC and inflator valve service $40.00
Technician Labor cost per hour $90.00
Viton o-rings $5.00
Shipping costs for special parts are not included varies
Air Fills $7.00
Air Fill Card - 10 Fills $60.00
Nitrox Fills - 32% $20.00
Nitrox Fill Card - 10 Fills $150.00